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Grandpa Rick by spiclerboi Grandpa Rick :iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 2 0
my boyfriend is a tankie.
my boyfriend is a tankie but I think it's all okay
hardcore Russian communist
I love him anyway
love him to death, he’s the best
my bad old man
a cotton heart pumps sunshine blood
into his iron hand
:iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 1 0
Fairy Baby by spiclerboi Fairy Baby :iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 1 0
The Garden
There’s something I would like to show you:
Look, out there, beyond our windows
No, farther still, past the comfort
of human homes
You see? Where the streetlight turns to starlight
and the grass grows tall
waving to us, so sweet
though out there the wind is cold
and so are the stones
beneath our feet
It’s growing darker, the light is fading
and it’s much harder to hear us murmur
ourselves to sleep
There, out there, that moving shape
black and wild nature stirs itself awake
Do you know this garden, my love?
Well, night will come soon
The flowers there are watered with tears and blood
and unfurl in the light of the moon
Our neighbors say,
“Do not go there, my friend
the vines are thick and covered with thorns
and creatures stare from out the trees;
the paths you walk are obscured by leaves
and all who go there become lost
Those are not stones at your feet, but graves
Victims with names concealed by moss.”
“Do not go there, my child
where dark things li
:iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0
De Trop
If you stay I will do the things you wanted
Drink that spoonful of oil
clean up my wrists
let it all go
stop being so bad
be that thing that you wanted
You wanted me so bad
I remember that
Remember all that?
How quickly it came and quickly it went
Sparked up so fast that it burned my hand
and I let it go
Let it fall
Too careless to keep it
Too comfortable
Let it go
Let it fall
Too careless to keep it
Too comfortable
Wanted to be your baby
Was that too much?
Were you not ready, baby?
Did I show you too much?
Ask for too much?
Want me to wait for you, baby?
Or am I too much?
How quickly it came and quickly it went
Sparked up so fast that it burned my hand
and I let it go
Let it fall
Too careless to keep it
Too comfortable
Let it go
Let it fall
Too careless to keep it
Too comfortable
Your love is sweet
and so soft
I crushed it
like rose petals
leaving red stains
on my hands
How quickly it came and quickly it went
Sparked up so fast that it burned my hand
and I let it go
Let it fall
Too ca
:iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0
You were perfect as a little girl
a blank slate
you were nothing
you were straight
a thin line
nothing out of place
nothing to say
(they would not have listened
:iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0
The Tide
Don’t be afraid
when waves mask your face
and fill your mouth with sea
When it recedes
(as it does)
there will be
a universe of starfish
washed up on the beach
:iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0
I went to unbury him
I went to unbury him
Pulling, pulling out this dirt
my naked, filthy hands
Farther and farther down, his heart
I fear I will never reach it
and when I do it’s a gnarled mass
Sartre’s hazel root
wrapped around itself, a mess of snakes
or one snake, tangled
and made of wood
so hard I cannot unbind it
My hands, my hands are so black
and his heart
is wooden
and scarred
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Emo to the Extreme-o by spiclerboi Emo to the Extreme-o :iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0
Ethical Theory
You're so sweet
I look for just a second
to see it
Why do you think you're so wicked and cold?
You're the warmest person I know
The ocean's lowest floor
where the water is boiling and black
You're so sad, it pours out of you
rolls off your back
I love you (but I don't--
you know how this stuff works)
I'm sorry this is happening to you
It's terrible, really, and there's nothing I can do
Nothing I should do, it's not my place
Of course I want to anyway
"I'm most myself when I'm in love,"
I hear you say
And if I could kiss you from afar
and love it all away
I wouldn't, because I shouldn't
Only broken bones heal stronger
at the end of the day
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Superstar. by spiclerboi Superstar. :iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0
Untitled I
The moon is full
Toadstools and nightflowers bloom beneath him
Moths and fireflies
Moss and insects
Cold wet wood
Animals scurry
He said, “I’m most myself when I’m in love.”
He waxes full
So do I
He shines with another star
And I admire him anyway
Whole in their light
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Identification by spiclerboi Identification :iconspiclerboi:spiclerboi 0 0


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I haven't been on deviantart in a couple years, so this is really strange for me. I used to be very into creating art, but somewhere along the lines I got sidetracked and I haven't created much in a few years (with the exception of a studded jacket, which I might take some pictures of). Shoot me a line if you want to talk, I appreciate the company.




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Yo. I'm Evan. I used to write. I still do, but I used to, too.


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